The Right Questions To Ask Yourself If Freelancing Is Right For You

Are you one of the million people who are interested to land a job in the digital world? Around 36% of workers in the United States are composed of freelancers with a total count of 57.3 million. Yet, there are still professionals no matter what they do, still failed to establish a career in freelancing.

If you want to determine if freelancing is for you, answer these questions first.


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  • Are You Willing To Give Up Your Free Time?

There would be days that the client will require you to work for long hours when beating a deadline. This means that you have to set aside your personal activities and plans first, to commit to your client’s needs.


  • Can You Handle Difficult Clients?

Dealing with difficult or highly sensitive clients is inevitable and just a norm in freelancing. It’s just the matter of how professional you are in handling conflicts and miscommunication with your client.


  • Do You Know When and How To Say No?

Client acquisition is part of being a freelancer, the more you get clients the higher chances you have to have a stable income. Having said that, there are clients even if you have mentioned your rates, price haggling will always be there. In this case, learn when to say no to a project. If the client cannot agree with your professional rates but then requiring you to do tasks as a one-man team, this is a bad sign. Accepting demanding clients with a low budget will only consume your time.

READ ALSO  Simple Ways To Deal With Difficult Clients in Freelancing


READ ALSO: Simple Ways To Deal With Difficult Clients in Freelancing


  • How Will You Keep Your Clients Satisfied?

Keeping your clients satisfied provides you a higher chance to enjoy client retention that means steady monthly income. One of the secrets of successful freelancers, they are not working just for the money, they provide services and insights that can help the client’s business. Caring for the clients should be your 2nd priority in freelancing.

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