How To Know A Good Graphic Designer?

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Sure, everyone who wants to design can design, but does everyone have what it takes to be a good designer? Are there certain characteristics that you should already have, or can you learn all of them?

In graphic design, as in almost all other professions, some characteristics are required, that you have to bring with you, and things that you can still acquire after choosing a profession.

For example, if you are an absolute creative head, with the greatest ideas, but unfortunately not able to work in a team, you can work on your teamwork skills and learn to improve this with the right feedback and the right attitude. If you lack any creativity, you will have difficulties in this job. This is a trait that you should already have in the graphic design profession.

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Creativity Is The Be-All And End-All

You should also be able to develop ideas and concepts while having a certain sense of aesthetics. A funeral home should rather not get any suggestions with body parts in the logo – unless, of course, the customer expressly requests it.

It is very important that you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes to view the project from their perspective and to get a feel for what they want. It does not matter whether it is a dentist, yoga teacher or IT, teacher. You have to see the project with his eyes.


What Is Expected From A Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is expected to think outside the box. Not to design the typical and predictable, but to achieve the wow effect. Be it with an exciting logo or a completely different approach to advertising about domestic violence. People should not look bored with such topics, but look spellbound.

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The “Bread for the World” advertising campaign does this wonderfully with clear, ambiguous messages. The hunger in the world is nothing new but has to be re-staged by graphic designers again and again and this requires fresh ideas!

There should be an artistic talent to be able to implement these ideas by various means. You can still fine-tune this talent, but if you sit with the customer and create a few sketches and scribbles, for example, you should be able to see what is being put on paper so that the customer also gets a rough idea of ​​what his design will look like could and get confidence in your skills.


A certain understanding of media and technology is also a prerequisite in this profession. Likewise the willingness to always want to learn something new. The communications industry is constantly evolving and new media, technologies and programs are added. Also, new trends are constantly being set. As a graphic designer, you never stopped learning and have to be open to new things.


Everyone Can Do Something “Different”

Of course, every designer has his strengths. Some can be super illustrative, while others can create wonderful apps. Even if you have healthy self-confidence in a certain area, tastes are always different and the customer may not like the design. In addition to constructive criticism, it is particularly important to be able to accept this criticism and accept the customer’s opinion without taking it personally to be able to optimally modify the design.

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These and a few other features are essential in graphic design, Check out the checklist to see if you have what it takes to be a good graphic designer.

Not every question in the checklist has to be answered with “yes” so that one can even consider becoming a graphic designer.

Everyone has different qualities when entering a new profession. That also contributes to a great team. What is important here is what these properties are.
if you can learn some things, you have to be able to do other things beforehand. And still, other things can be optimized later. As long as you are creative, have artistic talent and the will to create great things, you are definitely on the right path.

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