How to Find Out Who is Hosting a Certain Website

Recently, a user asked us how to find who is hosting their website. It is a common question asked by beginners who hired someone to set up their website initially.


You might also want to find out who is hosting your competitor’s website. In this article, we’re going to show you how to find out who is hosting a certain website.


Website hosting is different than a domain name. A domain name is the address of a website, eg


Finding out who is hosting a website is not that difficult because this information is publicly available.


There are several scenarios when you may need to find out the website hosting service behind a website.


  • A WordPress developer built a website for you. They forgot to tell you who the web host is, or you lost the details.


  • You set up your WordPress website a long time ago. You can’t remember who is hosting it.


  • You’ve seen a website that is fast and performs well. You want to know who the host is so you can use their services too.


  • Another website is stealing your content, and you want to send a DMCA takedown notice to their host.


There are multiple ways to find out who is hosting a website. We’ll show you the two easiest ways to quickly find out which hosting company is used by a website.



Our WordPress Theme Detector tool is a great way to detect what WordPress theme a site is using. It also tells you who is hosting a website.

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To use it, simply go to the WordPress Theme Detector Tool page and type in the URL (domain name) of the site:


Click on the ‘Analyze Website’ button to continue.


In just a couple of seconds, you will see details about the website. This includes the name of the hosting provid


  • Unified Layer: EIG (Endurance International Group) hosts these sites. EIG is the company behind Bluehost and HostGator. They also own several other smaller web hosting brands.


  • New Dream Network, LLC: DreamHost


  • Media Temple: Media Temple is a web hosting company owned by GoDaddy


  • In some cases, the theme detector may not be able to tell you the host. For instance, when a website is using a CDN service or a website firewall.


  • These services route all website traffic through their own servers which means all hosting detector tools will show them as the hosting provider.


  • One popular CDN service is Cloudflare. They offer a free CDN service which is used by many websites.


  • You may also see Sucuri, which is a website security and firewall service with their own CDN servers.


For instance, If you look up using the theme detector tool, then it will show Sucuri as the hosting provider.


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