Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria Now 2023

Getting jobs in nigeira is hard to find and even more harder if you don’t have a university degree, so here are the Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria Now 2023



Surgeons are the highest paid workers in Nigeria due to the crucial nature of their work. A surgeon’s line of work entails significant risk, and any error could result in a fatality. Consequently, substantial expertise is needed for this career.


You must graduate medical school, which could take fifteen years or more, in order to become a specialized surgeon. Opportunities that could change your life are waiting for you once you have the necessary credentials.


What do surgeons get paid?


Range of monthly pay: N630,000 to N2,500,000.



Pilots control and fly a variety of aircraft, including passenger, freight, and helicopter aircraft. In addition to flying large distances, pilots are compensated rather handsomely because passengers’ lives and safety are in their hands.


You must apply for admission to any recognized aviation school of your choice in order to become a pilot. The project would be finished in around four years.


What do pilots get paid?


Beginning salaries for pilots at entry-level positions range from N200,000 to N500,000 per month. Captains make between N500,000 and N3,000,000 each month.




Judges make a lot of money, but they also have a lot of responsibility. Monthly salaries range from N530,000 to N1,650,000.




Medical professionals have a variety of employment options, including working at teaching hospitals, public health organizations, private practices, and more. They have expertise in gynecology, gastrointestinal, pathology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, neurology, and other medical specialties.


You must complete a six-year program and obtain the necessary medical certification at any recognized institution in Nigeria in order to become a medical doctor.


How much money do physicians make?


Payscale: N300,000 to N1,500,000 per month.




On large transport ships, tankers, and passenger boats, sailors assist in the operation and management of these boats.


You must apply for admission to the Maritime Academy of Nigeria or one of the other recognized private maritime academies located around the federation if you want to become a sailor.


What do sailors earn?


In Nigeria, sailors can expect to make between N220,000 and N1,400,000 per month.


7. Program Engineer


Software engineering is a rewarding field to work in. A certificate in computer engineering from a recognized university is required to work as a software engineer.


What are the salaries of software engineers?


The monthly salary ranges from N250,000 to N1,600,000.


8. Entertainment


Many Nigerians have made a successful career out of entertainment. Due to the rise in demand for entertainment, entertainers like singers, comedians, actors, and actresses earn a lot of money.


How much money do performers make?


Between N600,000 and N1,200,000 are paid to musicians, comedians, actors, and actresses for their participation in a film or concert.


9. Programmers, ethical hackers, and IT security analysts


As long as IT continues to be a ground-breaking tool in the nation, the services of these professionals will always be required. The monthly pay for these positions ranges from N145,000 to N600,000. These professionals’ responsibilities also include managing web security and creating computer software.


10. military spokesman


The monthly salary for senior military commanders in the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force ranges from N500,000 to N1,700,000.

Other Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria include:



Aeronautical Engineer

Civil Engineer


Computer Engineer


Graphic Designer

Web Developer

Electrical Engineer

Digital Marketer

Chemical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Data Analyst


Digital Marketing Specialist

Social Media Influencer


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