Big Brother Titans House Mate

Day 4: Meet the new BBTitans housemates

Big Brother Titans House Mate

It was just after their first wager, where a whopping 75% of their BB tokens were on the line. It may come as no surprise to some that the housemates lost. Biggie described is as: “Forty five minutes of mediocrity!” Ouch. 👀


While at the first pool party of the season, the housemates met their newer roomies, people they will be sharing the space with till evictions start. This can only mean four times the drama, right?


Get to know them here (Big Brother Titans)


Name: Miracle Op

Age: 24

Location: originally from Anambra State in Nigeria, now in Lagos

Occupation: Works at his family’s pharmaceutical company

This witty, chatty risk-taker is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. The athletic Miracle Op is also impulsive and loves having a good time.


Name: Sandra

Age: 27

Location: originally from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, now in Lagos

Occupation: Entrepreneur, model, host, and former beauty queen

Sandra’s confidence shows how comfortable she is in her skin. Her chameleon tendencies may or may not work to her advantage while she is in the house.


Name: Theo Traw

Age: 29

Location: The Vaal in South Africa

Occupation: Musician

With his bright smile and creative energy, Theo Traw is looking to shine in the house. He says he is single and ready for all kinds of ships.


Name: Blue Aiva

Age: 22

Location: Born in Limpopo province, now in Johannesburg, South Africa

Occupation: Professional dancer, DJ

Blue Aiva’s bubbly nature lends itself well to her wild side. She can show her emotions easily

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